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About Us

It’s very rare for someone to cite a comedian during a heated debate about the environment…

Don’t ask me why, but it’s not the rhetoric of politicians or the preaching of worthy eco-warriers that have stuck with me over the years, but instead the words of stand-up genius Sean Lock. Describing his disillusionment after returning from a holiday in America, he said “I just feel stupid, like I’ve turned up to an earthquake with a dustpan and brush”.

Like so much comedy, there’s a dark undertone to his observation; an implication that all our good efforts are futile unless the big players are prepared to stand with us.
This is of course true, but I for one have no intention of passing the buck when I have to explain to my children why I couldn’t bring them up in a better world. The good news is that our government seems to have finally recognised that sustainable development needs to come much further up on the agenda. Whilst some believe this might be too little too late, I remain optimistic that as intelligent human beings, we still have it in us to face what represents our biggest challenge since the dawn of time.
And that’s the whole point of greenliving, to offer you practical, small-scale solutions to leading a greener lifestyle. Rather than making you feel guilty for what you don’t already do, we want to show you the direct benefits that minor modifications can have for your well-being, your family, your pocket and most importantly, your planet.
Change starts with us.

Emily Knight
Email: emily@greenlivingmagazine.co.uk

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