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Eco Chic

Eco solutions in the home are becoming an increasingly emerging trend for those who share a passion for luxurious living with a conscience.

Here are some ideas from Living in Space on merging beautiful design with ethical production…


Compact Fluorescent light bulbs or LED lighting not only last longer than normal bulbs, but also use much less energy. To work these more efficient bulbs, you could further save on your energy bills by installing occupancy / vacancy sensors that turn lights on when someone enters the room and turn them off again when everyone leaves. Very handy for when your hands are full with grocery shopping too!


New KNX technology means that one can now sync their heating, lighting, security, audio and every other electrically controlled system within the home under one electronic system. This can save one over 50% on their heating and electricity bills and offers them luxury living throughout the home. Hence, it is no longer a hassle to be green and is in fact it is becoming an increasingly luxurious lifestyle where one’s every need can be catered for.


Perhaps one of the most important points when living a life of eco chic is to ensure your home is set up to carry on your sustainable lifestyle. Upgrading your heating system to one with an efficient boiler and programmable thermostat will save you money in the long run and is a much more sophisticated way of heating your home. It makes no sense heating rooms that are not in use.


The salvage and junkyards of our grandparents have become slicker and hipper for the eco conscious and the thrifty alike. There is nothing more satisfying than picking up a piece of old furniture that with a couple of first aid touches, re-invents itself in to a new glory! Furthermore, re-using the old gives one more green ticks than buying new.


Decorative products such as paints and varnishes also have many environmentally sensitive alternatives. Many solvents and acrylics found in most conventional paints, for example, can aggravate allergies so when deciding on a paint for your home, ones with low or even zero VOCs should be sought.


Flooring is a good place to start and the clearest sustainable choice would be wooden flooring. There are numerous types of wood one can choose from but the important characteristic that these woods should have, to ensure it is from sustainable sources, is the FSC / PEFC certificate. With this certification, one can be assured that the wood has been sourced from responsibly managed forests from around the world.

University of Plymouth – sustainability at the heart of design

Designers help shape our world, and are responsible for specifying the right materials for a sustainable future. The University of Plymouth’s design courses produce designers who aim to contribute to solving some of the challenges of the 21st century.

Do not just take our word for it, on discovering that there is a surplus of woollen fleece from farmers, graduate Sam Murat designed a range of stools that capture the real spirit of sheepskin. Or there is graduate Becky Barber’s design, a solar powered radio housed entirely from harvested bamboo – sustainability at the heart of design.

The University of Plymouth has been named as the UK’s top university in environmental performance in the annual People & Planet Green League table.

For further information on our design
courses please call/visit:
T: +44 (0) 1752 585100
W: www.plymouth.ac.uk/schools/ade

Eco Paint Store

Eco Paint Store supplies a wide variety of eco-friendly paints, natural oils and sundries for every interior and exterior decorating project. Breathable and easy to apply, any colour required can be supplied. Their products reduce carbon-footprint, and increase wellbeing and health not only for those who apply the paint, but also for those who then occupy the rooms. Natural pigments are used to create a wide selection of colours to greatly enhance any decorating or design brief and our UK factory can also match any colour reference. With a team of long experienced contract decorators, they can give in-depth advice to clients seeking to improve their decorating and finishing experience. Expect durability, beauty, competitive prices and peace of mind.

T: 01242 696445

Roy Tam

Using selected young ash from Dorset woodlands, Roy Tam specialises in steam bending these managed thinnings into elegant shapes. Roy designs a range for domestic furniture as well as for corporate use, with happy customers that include The Natural History Museum and the Ecology Building Society. Roy is also a lecturer at University of Plymouth whose innovative design graduates continue to rise to recognition.

T: 07808 535863
W: www.eco-furniture.co.uk

Paint the Town Green

From the baby’s room to the board room, Paint The Town Green, London’s first environmentally friendly decorating company, has the perfect solution to any decorating dilemmas.

The company was founded by Guild of Master Craftsmen member Phil Robinson who has worked for Channel 4 presenter and property developer Sarah Beeny. The paint is solvent free and has no toxic fumes or nasty smell – ideal for the family home or the office.

Offering its own extensive colour chart, Paint The Town Green combines classic heritage colours with modern contemporary hues to produce a paint built to last. As well as manufacturing their paints using hydroelectric and geothermal power, the company policy of recycling materials and using green vans has earned it an award from London’s Wandsworth Council.

Paint The Town Green prides itself on its level of care and attention to both its customers and the planet.

T: 0207 228 4776
W: www.paintthetowngreen.biz


GreenSteps Natural Eco-Paint has been awarded natureplus accreditation for its superlative environmental and healthy qualities. It’s a solvent free, 100% VOC free paint made from naturally derived and renewable raw materials. Naturally alkaline, it requires no chemical preservatives. It is non-toxic, highly durable and breathable, emitting no indoor air pollution at all, whilst also being produced in a solar powered factory.

For those seeking to bring light and space to any room and make the most of available views, GreenSteps also custom-make zero threshold sliding doors that allow large areas of glass to be opened up without taking up any space either inside or out. When open, you can step seamlessly from inside to outside – when closed, the large glazed sections make for a picture perfect view. Made with sustainably sourced timber frames and high efficiency triple glazed units, large areas of glazing can be incorporated into designs without compromising on thermal performance.

Available in selected Tesco stores nationwide.

T: 01621 740591
W: www.greensteps.co.uk/paint

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