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Creating the wedding of your dreams is an exciting process and allows your personality and interests as a couple to shine through.

With a wealth of resources dedicated to the big day, it’s easy to feel bombarded by ideas and subsequently, lose the personality and originality of a celebration that can quickly become a day of excess. In reality, staying focused, keeping things simple and personal means that you can plan your day with minimal impact on both your pocket and the environment.

Without even knowing it, some decisions can turn out to be the most ethical simply because you decided to keep things personal. For example, ask your grandmother for your “something borrowed” or create “something new” from the old by melting down two family rings to make your wedding bands. Don’t forget to call on the skills of friends and family and you will find people are more than happy to donate their services or charge a small fee for the sake of being involved. Get the girls round for an evening of invitation making with a bottle of wine. You could even ask your neighbours for their garden foliage to decorate the church with then top it up with a few choice blooms and romantic lighting.

Contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t always cost more. By avoiding the all-the-frills wedding choices, you are instantly reducing the excess and the cost of the day. Simple, cost-effective options such as having the ceremony and reception in one location means that you don’t have to double up on floral displays and find money for transport. It also makes the day more relaxed and cuts the ‘wedding miles’.

Find a dress from Oxfam Bridal (branches nationwide) where bridal shops and designers send their end of line dresses. Choose local or organic food and wine and remember Fairtrade gold if you are buying new rings. Avoid printing out reams of paper for maps and directions for your invitations and make a website with all the information your guests need. Our top tip is to visit the Wedding Notebook website which provides an online thinking tool to enable you to explore your wedding ideas and to plan your perfect day. Try it out on

However you decide to make a difference, a greener wedding day is the perfect start to a happy and healthy life together.

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