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Yogasara Studio was founded by Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow and is Bristol’s only community yoga studio. As a community interest company, Yogasara puts yoga, people and the planet before profit. Yogasara is a unique synergy born out of total dedication to the path of transformational yoga.

With teachers of quality, some of whom have been teaching yoga for over 20 years, Yogasara can offer you the very best in yogic insight, practice and skills.

Yoga is about cultivating strength, integrity, flexibility, power, well-being and loving awareness in your body, your heart, your mind and your soul. Authentic yoga also emphasises the importance of the ‘quality of presence’ in every posture, every situation and every moment – whether that is a handstand in a yoga class, sitting in meditative absorption or standing in a supermarket queue!

Yogasara focuses on creating the body-mind as a strong container so that it becomes both a safe haven and a place of wild adventure, a sanctuary of strength and a source of wisdom, an ocean of respect, kindness, harmony and joy that will become the guiding compass in your life.

Yogasara celebrate an integral approach to yoga, embracing the many paths of yogic wisdom, methods and practices, which aim to awaken each individual to their greatest potential. Great value is placed

“Yogasara focuses on creating the body-mind as a strong container so that it becomes both a safe haven and a pla”ce of wild adventure upon encouraging individuals to inquire and realise through direct disciplined experience, translating the traditions of thousands of years into practical, functional methods. These methods enable you to apply them in modern living and thus celebrate and share this awakened sense of truth, power, connection and love in every moment of every day of your life.

10-12 Picton St, Bristol BS6 5QA
Tel: 07789 501884
Web: www.yogasara.co.uk

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