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Sustainable Travel

It’s that time of year when we have all enjoyed the excesses of the festive season, and are now starting to think about New Year’s resolutions to make fresh starts in various aspects of our lives. We often consider changing our diets to shed a few of those extra pounds gained from too many mince pies and turkey, or joining a gym to get more active – but how often do we think about the impact of how we use transport, or the routes we take to carry out our daily activities? Have you ever considered that making a change in the way you commute could positively transform your health, your well-being and your bank balance as well as help our local environment?

A new government-funded initiative known as the Local Sustainable Transport Fund is helping our local authorities in the West of England work with businesses and commuters to encourage the use of alternative ways of travel to work with an aim to reduce the amount of single occupier car journeys across the region.

There are some mind-blowing statistics that demonstrate just why we need to rethink the way we travel. For example, did you know that there are 38 million empty seats on our roads each year? Or that if all motorists car shared one day a week then congestion would be reduced by 20 per cent? Not to mention that the average person can save up to £1,000 per year in fuel alone – and the obvious benefits to the environment. Visit www.2carshare.com and register for free, then find out how much money you could save by car sharing and see if anyone is going your way. With over 8,000 people already registered on the site, you could help save money and the planet – and even make new friends.

As well as car sharing there are a number of other ways that we can change the way that we travel. Catching the bus in Bristol has become much easier recently through the introduction of new bus lanes and priority traffic lights, which are speeding up journey times. You may have noticed new improved bus stops around the city with real-time information boards making it easier to see when the bus is on its way.

If you haven’t considered using the bus for work before, why not have a look at your local authority website where you’ll find comprehensive route planners. Type in your home and work postcodes at www.travelbristol.org/bus to see how easy a bus commute can be in Bristol. You can also find local travel information at www.travelplus.org.uk. If you need some time to yourself to unwind at the start or end of the day you’ll find a bus journey can offer a chance to catch up with the news or escape in a good book. Alternatively, if you live a shorter distance from your place of work why not consider travelling to work under your own steam? Both walking and cycling are excellent ways to keep fit and healthy, and provide you with the freedom to choose your own routes, and be in control of the time it takes to undertake your journey.

Gill, a Marketing Manager, has made the shift from driving to work alone to using the Park & Ride at Portway. “The Park & Ride at Portway has proved to be a great solution for me. The buses are regular and fast into the city, and out again at home time. I am able to catch up with the news or read a book during my journey, and I feel much more relaxed and less stressed when I arrive at work than I ever did sitting behind the wheel! I’m also using significantly less fuel so as well as saving money I’m also doing my bit to relieve congestion and help the planet.”

There are so many benefits for both you and those around you in considering more sustainable travel, and Better By Bike in partnership with Bristol Council are constantly striving to make transport in the city greener and more affordable. Make sustainable travel a New Year’s resolution, and make a difference.

Web: www.travelbristol.info

Sustainable Travel Solutions

With fuel costs rising, and the need to look at greener forms of transport becoming more apparent everyday, Sustainable Travel Solutions may just have taken a big step forward.

Sustainable Travel Solutions (STS) are forever searching to find easier, lower-cost, lower-emission transport solutions, and have struck gold with their latest high-quality ‘pedal-assist’ hybrid electric bikes. These can be leased out to help businesses and commuters find their way across the city with a minimum of hassle.

The benefits of hybrid electric bikes are numerous: they help reduce rising fuel costs, as well as parking costs and pressures. Also, the bikes have very low carbon emissions compared to almost any other form of motorised transport, and pedalling helps promote an active and healthy workforce.

Avoiding traffic jams is a huge bonus as the bikes can nip in-between lanes, vastly reducing in-town travel time.

The bikes come complete with lights, panniers, odometer, cycle lock and insurance, and the lease agreement includes a comprehensive maintenance and support package with complete repair and parts or whole bike replacement. Each lease (usually two or three years) is tailored with the right support package to meet the needs of each organisation.

STS provides on-site maintenance, servicing, repairs and a call-out service to keep you cycling, as well as fitting each bike with a unique identifier with the emergency number for users.

Their skilled mechanics train new users how to take care of their bikes but will always be available to come out should anything go wrong.

Occupational therapist Victoria Johnson waxes lyrical about the virtues of hybrid electrical bikes. Victoria says, “I’m a complete convert. I hate sitting in my car in traffic. I’d much rather be on my bike. With these bikes you still have to pedal but it makes it easier and I don’t get sweaty going up hills.”

Each bike is powered by a 36v battery fixed to the back, which will give up to 40 miles of travel. A control panel on the front handlebars is used for ignition and the lights and supplies information on speed and distance travelled as well as telling the time.

A fast and ecologically-friendly way to get around, as well as keep fit when you pedal, Sustainable Travel Solution’s pedal-assisted hybrid electric bikes are a must-have for the discerning commuter or the green-friendly business.

Tel: 0845 213 0200
Web: www.sustainabletravelsolutions.co.uk
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pedalassist

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