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Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime!

Rebecca Goodyear, Marketing Director of Kinetic, who distribute a wide range of natural products including JASÖN® Natural Care, advises what ingredients you should be avoiding in your beauty products.

If you haven’t already eliminated the products containing potentially harmful and toxic chemicals from your regime, then make that resolution to do so. Check the labels, if you see any of the following ingredients then get rid:

Parabens – preservatives that have been linked to breast cancer.

Lauryl or laureth sulphates – foaming agents that can be an irritant to the skin, hair and eyes.

Phthalates – binding agents which can affect hormonal balance and may have an effect on unborn babies.

Mineral oil, petroleum jelly, petrochemicals – all derived from petroleum. You put petrol in your car, needless to say you shouldn’t put anything vaguely related on your skin. It blocks the skin which means it can’t function properly and toxins build up over time.

Alcohol and isopropyl alcohol – dry and irritate the skin, stripping it of natural moisture content and its protection barrier.

Synthetic fragrances (parfum or scent) – these can be irritants to your skin as well as causing a variety of illnesses. May not be listed in the ingredients so the only way to be truly sure is to ensure the product you buy is 100 per cent natural.

Propylene Glycol and Butylene Glycol – commonly used in many products, these chemicals can cause organ abnormalities through skin contact or inhalation.

DMDM and Urea – preservatives that release formaldehyde into the body, a known carcinogen.

I urge you to bin all products containing these ingredients in your clear out and start from scratch!

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