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Drive Easy

So, you need to get from A to B – how do you make that journey a little greener? You could invest in an environmentally friendly vehicle, how about electric or hybrid? But, if this isn’t an option there are some handy ways to make your driving more eco-friendly.

  • Need for Speed When driving at 50- 60mph your emissions are at their lowest. However, most people don’t know that driving below 15mph creates the most pollution.
  • Traffic Jam When your car is stationary, in a traffic jam, waiting at the lights, turn off your engine. This simple tip will help save fuel and cut down your CO2 emissions.
  • It’s Getting Hot in Here Open your windows rather than using your AC to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Top Gear To reduce fuel consumption, and subsequently, emissions, drive in a higher gear.
  • Calm it Just 1 tiny second of aggressive driving will produce the same amount of emissions as half an hour of normal driving. If that’s not a reason chill out, we don’t know what is!
  • Find Some Shade Parking your car in a shady spot will minimise fuel evaporation and keep everything cool.
  • Sharing is Caring Get involved in a car share scheme to reduce the amount of cars on the road, and therefore emissions.
  • Get a Check Up If your car is functioning properly it will consume less fuel, and produce fewer emissions. Keep your tyres correctly inflated, invest in eco-friendly tyres and recycle your old oil.
  • Too Much Junk in your Trunk Clear your car boot of anything that doesn’t need to be there. The heavier your car is the more work it will have to do, the more fuel it will consume and the more emissions it will produce.
  • Go Alternative Look into using alternative fuels that use renewable sources, such as plant and animal oils, to fuel your car.

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