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Walking to work

If you live near your place of work, have you been inspired by the lovely spring weather to leave the car at home and enjoy a leisurely stroll to work?

Walking to and from work can be a wonderful experience, and a very invigorating way to start and end the day. You are in control of your route and pace; and if you do it regularly you will start to notice things in your neighbourhood from a totally different perspective than when concentrating on the road ahead.

Some people enjoy the space and solitude of a walk to listen to their favourite tunes or catch up on the latest audio book. Or you can find plenty of opportunities for social interaction during your walk. If your route takes you past a great café you can enjoy a coffee and grab a ‘guilt-free’ muffin along the way, as your walk to work will have burned off some calories, and enabled you to have a treat with the pounds saved on petrol!

May 14-18 has been designated as ‘Walk to Work’ week, so why not sign up to take part in this nationwide initiative at www.livingstreets.org.uk, and start walking your way to a healthier lifestyle.

To help kickstart a healthier you and to reduce your carbon footprint across the West, we’ve teamed up with www.travelwest.info, (the local travel information website) to give away pedometers (limited to the 100 first readers), so that you can start counting your steps and monitor your progress day by day.

Visit www.travelwest.info/walk for more information, and get your activity levels up and your stress level down with a regular walk to work.

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  1. Jack Says:

    I love my walk to work – I arrive refreshed and calm, unlike when I have to battle the rush-hour in my car!

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